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 * pcalpapr.h - 'paper size' and related definitions for Pcal program
 * Revision history:
 *    4.8.0 B.Marr            2004-12-03  Created.

 * Define enumerations for the supported paper sizes.  The order of entries in
 * the 'paper_info[]' array must correspond to these enumerations.
#define NUM_PAPER_SIZES       4     /* *** Change this if adding a new paper size. *** */
#define PAPERSIZE_LETTER      0
#define PAPERSIZE_LEGAL       1
#define PAPERSIZE_A4          2


 * Define the distance (in typographic points) from the top edge of the paper
 * to the top of the calendar boxes for a monthly calendar in landscape
 * orientation.
 * The value defined here includes the top margin, rather than defining proper
 * margins and using them generically.  This is rather a inelegant way of
 * doing it, but it's been done that way for a long time.
#define TOP_OF_CAL_BOXES_PTS  (-85)

 * Define the default left, right, top, and bottom margins (in typographic
 * points).
 * Some of these values are not currently used, but are left here for a time
 * when 'pcal' might be modified to provide proper, flexible margins.
#define DEFAULT_MARGIN_LEFT_PTS           46
#define DEFAULT_MARGIN_TOP_PTS            46

 * Define the structure which holds the information about the various settings
 * for the various paper sizes.
typedef struct {
      char *name;
      int page_dim_short_axis_pts;
      int page_dim_long_axis_pts;
      int daybox_width_pts;
      int daybox_height_pts;
} paper_info_str_typ;

 * External references to variables defined in 'pcalpapr.c'
extern paper_info_str_typ paper_info[];
extern int paper_size;
extern int page_dim_short_axis_pts, page_dim_long_axis_pts;
extern int daybox_width_pts, daybox_height_pts;

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